Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

The Easter Bunny usually visits us on the Saturday morning before, so we can get the candy/ Easter Bunny thing out of the way before Sunday. That way on Easter Sunday we can focus on the true meaning of Easter and celebrate the resurrection. Well, we did things a little different this year, since Ashton had a cub scout hike on Saturday morning. We colored eggs on Saturday evening and did our egg hunt and baskets on Easter morning.
Dallin's favorite egg. A "Y" for BYU.

Ashton finding all the high hidden eggs.

Ben with some of his haul!
The poor Easter Bunny(ies) had to wait until really late to visit our house (12:30), because Ashton and Dallin stayed up watching "The Ten Commandments" with mom and dad. The boys really enjoyed it and thought it was as good as movies they come out with today. I guess that's why they had a hard time falling asleep when the movie was done! Too much excitement.

Since this is Emma 1st year of understanding that something special was going on and being able to participate, we all enjoyed watching her color eggs and basically, stuff as much chocolate in her mouth as she could fit! She must take after her mom and Grandma!
Emma coloring eggs and everything else!
Ashton showing off his egg finding skills.
Dallin & Ben's favorite basket surprise.

We also enjoyed a yummy Easter dinner complete with Ham, cheesy potatoes, homemade rolls, veggies, and strawberry shortcake. We even had a table cloth. And if you come from my family, you know it is an important dinner if you use a tablecloth!

Ben is going to get me with his scary, blue, monster fingers!

Emma checking out her new doll clothes the Easter Bunny left in her basket.


Benjamin pretending he's eating the egg, shell and all!

All in all, Easter was a"EGG"citing success!