Monday, July 13, 2009

"Oh crap" & a heart attack

Every year that we go camping to Tony Grove, located in beautiful Logan Canyon, with our extended Parke family, we take home more than bug bites and the smell of camfire; we take home a story. 

There is always an adventure, which is usually a misadventure, which gets talked about at family gatherings for the next few months. The next summer it becomes resurrected and we laugh and joke about it all over again around the campfire.

This year the 'story' starred my brother-in-law, Steve and Richard's sister, Susie. And thanks to the quick thinking and camera work of Richard's other sister Mary; we have it all on film.

Possible solution.

Susie dying that Steve got the van, with the brand new bumper they just put on, high centered on a rock.

I think this one is priceless.
(Notice my niece Ashlyn crossing her fingers)

Whew! It's down safe and sound.

Here's to reminiscing, next year's story, and praying it doesn't include me.