Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Tirade & Dallin's Hand

Many of you have noticed that Dallin is sporting a new accessory these days. A lovely arm ornament made of gauzy material and ace bandage. And recently, the ace bandage has been upgraded with a fantastic fiberglass shell! Yes, it sounds a lot like a cast because it is. He has officially broken his hand.

I wish I could say he was doing something adventurous and exciting, but really he just was running up the stairs, slipped, and landed on it wrong. Richard and I were gone to our niece Brittney's wedding and Grandma Jeanne was keeping an eye on the kids. She heard and saw him do it and got the frozen veggies to put on it and he did not complain about it until I got home around 8:00pm which then was too late to take him anywhere. We wrapped it and said we'd go tomorrow. That was until he woke up with the stomach flu that had been ravaging our family that week. We tried to go anyway, but poor Dallin kept "losing his lunch" in the car and he just wanted to go home. By the time he was better he didn't complain too much about his hand and the swelling had gone down, so I chalked it up to a sprain, until I noticed he couldn't grip things with it. So off to the Dr's we went.......
(1st Visit to the InstaCare)

........and this is where the tirade begins.

I am not a fan of "Universal Health care". After living in Canada, and experiencing their Socialized medicine, I can live without it! Thank You very much! (Side Note: Most of my Canadian friends could live without it too & wonder why America is so anxious to jump into it). It is NOT efficient, quality care, and it is definitely NOT free.

Now, I am not saying that our health care system is perfect either. There are definitely some pretty big kinks to work out. Part of those kinks are constructed by the wonderful litigious society we live in. WE SUE OVER EVERYTHING! Do you know that in Canada, if people are traveling to the states, the insurance company requires them to have special insurance? Just in case, they get sued. We, the American citizen are viewed as "sue happy, warmongers", as the nice little Canadian grandma told me, not so nicely, in the check out line one day.

(Dallin with Todd Seamons, our PA, that we absolutely love.)

So, I figure one of the kinks in our system is that our Dr.'s are afraid of getting sued to death! (And from having a brother who is a Dr, I know that their malpractice insurance is outrageous). Thus they are trying to cover their butts, all the while, making their "loin cloths" out of our cash.

My example of this is the experience we have had with Dallin breaking his hand. It has taken 2 weeks, 2 different Dr's, 3 office visits, 2 X-rays, and $110.00 of co pays (not to mention my deductible) to figure out just "how much" his hand is broken. But now they have all their bases or butts covered and Dallin's hand is in a "permanent cast" for another 2 1/2 weeks due to a spiral fracture. But he is getting along with his cast just fine and has enjoyed having everyone sign it.

The Finished Product.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Voting for NieNie

I know that some of you fellow bloggers of mine read NieNie's blog the "NieNie Dialouges", ( )what you may not have known is that you can vote for her blog to be awarded "Most Inspiring Blog" from the Blogluxe Awards that recognizes women bloggers.
I have only read Nie's blog for about a year or less and I may not catch each one, but I never leave her blog without reaffirming my resolve to be a better mom, wife, and to just be grateful for all the blessings that Heavenly Father has so graciously given me. If you feel the same, I would encourage you to vote for Nie too and encourage a blog that uplifts and encourages by viewing struggles through Nie's unique take on life.

To vote go to . You can vote once in each category per day.

Please, feel free to spread the word.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Other Reason Why

Besides running, my other reason for not blogging is because I had a piano recital coming up and I was struggling to learn my piece. Since this was the last recital before my teacher, Nathan Giles, leaves on his mission to Toronto, Canada, he asked if there was a piece I wanted to learn. I love "Canon in D" by Jhoanne Pachelbel, so I said if we could find a easy enough version of it, that would definitely be my choice.

From the video of me playing my piece you can not tell that I had practiced at all!!! I only played half as well, as I had practiced. I am not a performer. My hands were shaking and I was extremely nervous. But I did make it through and recieved my 1 year completion certificate.

For now, this will be the extent of my piano education. My piano lesson budget has now been changed to a guitar lesson budget for Ashton. At least, we are still making some sort of music.

Sorry, I couldn't get the video to upload, but you really didn't want to see it anyway, believe me.