Friday, February 12, 2010

How much do YOU love me?

I'm supposed to be packing for a Valentine's overnighter in a hotel, which includes a trip to the pool complete with waterslide, with my 5 sweethearts, but you know I have priorities. And since I just checked my e-mail and found a friend of mine has gotten a big jump ahead on me for a contest I entered in, I thought packing and the inevitable donning of the swimsuit can wait!

If you remember or even if you don't, I wrote this post last summer after discovering a photography website and the amazing work of an incredible photographer. One image in particular won my heart and now I have the chance to win it...But...There's always a 'but' isn't there? I NEED YOUR HELP!

It's not hard; I'm not asking for money or an organ donation, just a wee bit of your time to make a comment on this blog post saying that I, Natalie Parke, sent you. That's it!

See...I told you it was easy and non-life threatening.

So if you haven't already gotten me a valentine, forget the flowers (they just die) and the chocolate (it gives me rolls where I don't want them), and show me how much you love me by giving me the gift of words in your comment for this contest. And yes, my friend (Rachel) may want a photo of her special needs child, but I have needs too! So I figure you could comment for both of us and perhaps, we can both be winners.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!


Corine Moore said...

Sorry Natlaie, can't help you out. I've already been there representing "me." And you long time bloggers have the upper hand already! ;) Good luck! And happy Valentines Day!

The Alleman Family said...

I will help! Natalie Parke sent me here! Good luck!! :) Have a fun Valentines get-a-way!

Tami Anderson said...

Natalie Parke sent me here and I'd do anything for the mom of such a wonderful little first grader!

CPost said...

Just did it... Good Luck!!

Chastina said...

I did it!

Unknown said...

I'm just jealous that all of yall get to have J. take your pics. Very, very, very jealous.

Richard & Natalie said...

Corine, I know and I understand. i hope your V-day was happy too.

Heather, It was a fun getaway. It is crazy how just a little change can make a big difference.
For your comment to count toward the contest it has to be done on the blog that is doing the contest. Here is the link for his blog-

If you can make your comment there I would appreciate it.
Tami, Thanks for doing something for such a scatterbrain. But like Heather, i need to have you post a comment on the above blog link for me to get credit towards the contest. Sorry it was so confusing.

Cassie- Thanks.
Chastina- I owe you!
Lori- I haven't had the privilege of having TF do our pics yet, but I'm hoping for maybe a spring shoot. Maybe we can fly him out to you...Or we can fly you here and we can all do lunch!

The Alleman Family said...

Ok- I went on and put my vote in. Sorry I was confused because I could not find a link to go to. But I voted- I hope you win!