Monday, February 15, 2010

Kitchen Moments

There are times in my life where I am reminded of how lucky I am to be married to the man I call my husband. Times when I am grateful for his patience while I was a fickle and silly 19 year old girl who was still growing up, and that continued patience as I still have much growing up yet to do. It is during these times when I realize just how much I do love him and why. I call these moments, “kitchen moments”.

They are called kitchen moments because 9.5 times out of 10, that is where they happen. Why the kitchen? Because, as I figure it, the kitchen is where I spend at least 50% of my life. It is where my computer is, my desk and calendar, and of course, the dishes and all those appliances necessary for cooking and preparing food which come in quite handy for sustaining my family’s lives. It is where homework and projects happen; meals, bedtime snacks, and even the morning combing of hair before we dash out the door for school. It is where life happens and hence, also my “kitchen moments”.

One particular kitchen moment happened a few weeks ago on an ordinary night as the boys were finishing homework and I was attempting to clean-up the kitchen, but found myself very distracted by the music coming from my new under cabinet docking station. “Moon River” a great song to waltz to, was playing and I was itching to dance with someone. So I grabbed Dallin and proceeded to drag him around like a rag doll. He finally got some sense of the rhythm along with that I would die if my friends saw me doing this, but I kinda like it look and we danced until I felt like I had adequately humiliated him in front of his older brother and I let him go.

That’s when Richard walked in. I feigned great disappointment that Dallin didn’t really want to dance with me and Richard said, “Start it over and I’ll dance with you.”

My husband does not do things he considers unmanly; dancing is considered one of these things.

But I figured if he’s willing I’m not going to pass it up, so we started to dance.

First, he started off like a snobby aristocrat at some fancy ball so stiff and proper; speaking with a fake English accent while commenting on how waltzing is lovely, or some other flowery word. Next we fell into a more relaxed sloppy sort of waltzing where many toes were crushed; the better part being mine. But this led into a portion where he seemed to be actually trying; being more led than leading we went around in small circles on the vacant piece of laminate floor. And even though, Henry Mancini & His Orchestra were playing a beautiful version of “Moon River” I had the words from another song playing in my head.

You make me shine like the sun

Fall out of bed, sing like a bird

Dizzy in my head, spin like a record

Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool

Forget how to breathe

Shine like gold, buzz like a bee

Just the thought of you can drive me wild

Ohh, you make me smile

Don’t know how I lived without you

Cuz every time I get around you

I see the best of me inside your eyes

You make me smile.

And then like a needle being ripped across the vinyl of an LP, my dreamlike state was rudely interrupted by…

“Do you guys really have to do that in front of us?!”


“That’s just wrong!”



…Spoken by our on looking offspring. And so we stopped. The waltz ended.

But I was reminded once again, how lucky I am that in a world that sometimes seems as though it has been turned upside-down and is filled with doubt and uncertainty I have someone there who, even when he may not want to, is still able to make me smile.

And as for my offspring, my greatest hope for them, besides learning some manners, is that they will be lucky enough in this life to find someone equally worthwhile to have kitchen moments with.

Which I hope will be rudely interrupted.


Teachinfourth said...

So, you've already pronounced 'the curse' upon them all?


Tami Anderson said...

Such a sweet "kitchen moment".

Chastina said...

Love it! I hope you have written down all those "kitchen moments."

Jeanne said...

And, the real bottome line could be added: "Which I hope will be rudely my grandchildren!" That's YOUR GRANDCHILDREN - Like mine do to you now. After knowing how many dishes you had to do today after the Valentine's dinner, I think it was magnanimous of you to remember and write this! mom

Richard & Natalie said...

TF, Of course. And I will be sitting back in heaven cackling... That is, if they allow evil cackling in heaven.

Tami, With Dallin & Richard. I love 2-for-1's.

Chastina, That could be some steamy reading.

Mom, You believe in Karma don't you?
Well, I forgave him for forgetting about promising to do the dishes since he brought home dinner and flowers tonight. Plus, we had decided not to do gifts this year and use the money for our outing this last weekend. Instead he asked me to write him a poem, I told him I was short on poetic prose, so I hoped a blog post would do instead.

Carrilyne said...

Do you notice that even though kids make "those" comments, you can see the smile in their eyes, because they are really reassured by their parents lovey-doviness and knowing that their parents love each other! Which translates to how much you love them...

Rachel said...

I do believe this post could have been one of my own. Many times.

It's beautiful actually. Funny and beautiful. I'm glad your kitchen is much the same as mine and you have to admit....come on....admit LOVE embarrassing your boys making them dance with you and if your boys are like mine....they run away....but interestingly enough....not very far... :D

Rachel said...

P.S. They better allow evil cackling in heaven or else we won't be together! Evil cackling is too much a part of who I am! :D

PMC said...

love this post nat! thank you for writing it!

Richard & Natalie said...

Carrilyne, You are exactly right and that is why I plan to continue for years and years to come.

Rachel, I do LOVE to embarrass them in the kitchen. And it is funny how they only run a few feet away and then stop. But my favorite is when they put up a fight to get out of my grasp and somehow they just aren't strong enough eventhough, I'm not really trying. Ahhh, they love me...

Rachel, Part 2- Maybe we won't be in heaven? I'm just saying...

Misty, I'm glad you loved it and thank YOU for reading my ramblings.

Unknown said...

Oh, Nat--such a wonderful post. I love the progression, from your dance with Dallin, to the graduated waltz with your husband, which would've been PRECISELY, EERILY just as a dance with my husband would'e been, from the "let's make fun of this because it's a bit awkward" to the "I really kind of like you, you know?" conclusion. Thanks for including the rest of us in that very special kitchen moment, in which we can be reminded to appreciate our own such moments.

Gerb said...

Loved this one, Natalie. The sentiment with your husband and the embarrassment with your kids... loved it all.

CPost said...

Such a sweet moment, those are ones to remember even if they get rudely interrupted. Kaitlyn use to get mad when Nathan would even hug me, and say "Mom get away from him thats MY Daddy" it was so funny, she did not want to share him.

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I can't believe I missed this post last week. I LOVED it and you captured the moment beautifully. Enough that I could imagine my own children's scoffs/