Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Is That?

On Saturday, I went to lunch for a girlfriend's birthday. While taking care of our lunch bills, I noticed my friend Julie's purse. It was big, dark purple, shiny, with a big round ruffled flower on the front.

And I LOVED it.

I commented on how much I liked it and she told me I should get one.

I inwardly laughed.

My problem with purses is that for most designer or even designer looking purses, you have to shell out a fortune...So by the time you pay for something to carry your money around in, you no longer have any more money to put in it. And Julie's purse looked expensive.

Julie is one of those friends you can ask how much things cost without being nosy or offending her, so I did. And I was surprised. I would pay that for a purse, especially one like hers.

But there was still the matter of the color and size. I have always been a small purse kind of gal, the smaller the better. In fact, in high school I was famous for my small purses. And Julie's was big...It wasn't really me, yet I still loved it.

As for the color, dark purple? It's not really me either. I'm more a conservative black or brown person, yet I loved Julie's purple one.

I told my friends if I brought home a purse like that Richard would wonder if I had gone crazy, because it's just not me.
Why is that?
If I love it, isn't it me?

I read about this book in the paper one day.

It intrigued me.

So I went to the was checked until the umpteenth of forever, so I put my name on the waiting list. I waited for 3 weeks. Then on Tuesday, I received an email informing me that it was finally my turn to get my little fingers and eyes on the long awaited novel. I couldn't wait, so I picked it up Tuesday evening and started reading. I finished it on Friday.
I was engrossed.
I was enthralled.
I read it every chance I could possibly get.
I told Richard that there was nothing that could compare with reading a good book and getting lost in its pages.
The author used words like avuncular, elegiac, and assiduous; and for someone who as a young girl read the dictionary looking for new words to expand my vocabulary (Yes, I'm a nerd & you still love me.), I was in heaven. That was until the author felt the need to add a scene or two of some very unnecessary content- not a lot, but enough to taint the rest of the book for me.

I was disappointed & discouraged.

I had been enjoying the book with its interesting plot and unsuspecting turns and even though the ending did fall a little flat for me, I can't or rather, I won't recommend it...Simply because the author ruined a fascinating tale when she made the decision to make the addition of needless content.

Why is that???

I don't really expect an answer to my quandaries. I'm just tossing them out into the void, thinking out loud, and perhaps, venting a little.

Thanks for listening.


Gerb said...

I love the word avuncular! Haven't found much occasion to use it, but it's a keeper. Rolls off the tongue nicely.

Oh, and all that other stuff you said? I am totally like that. For example, I'll think: I LOVE those boots... but I'm not a boot person. I shouldn't get them. Or, Check out that awesome belt! It's like we were meant for each other... but I don't buy it. What's up with that?

Chastina said...

I occasionally will try on something that I love and I won't like the way it looks on me. I think that is part of my problem, find something I love and that I love the way it looks on me.

As for the book, I've read some books like that. The use of swear words is similar for me. Why do they feel they have to use them?

Rachel said...

I have had the same conundrum on both topics. I used to buy black, brown, and navy blue and then one day I thought to heck with this! I'm buying red! And I haven't looked back. Color is good and fun and if you think you really like that bag....then do it! Life is too short!!!

As for literature....or movies.....I have thrown out more books and it infuriates me! Why why WHY? I'll tell you why and this is my humble opinion of course. It sells! Shocking. I know. You don't have to be creative if you add smut to a book or movie. To truly captivate an audience without adding trash......takes work and most aren't willing to do that these days. A true artist doesn't have to crack dirty jokes to make his/her audience laugh and that carries over in all art genres.

Rachel said...
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Corine Moore said...

I second what both Gerb and Rachel said. :) I can't tell you how many times I have not done something because it "wasn't me."

But now and then, I will get an ounce of... something... (Is it nerve or daring bravery?) And just decide to do it. Sometimes it becomes part of the "new me," and sometimes it ends up being a waste of money.

PS I love how you included those strange and eccentric words! (I need to learn a few more of those. :)

Rob and Marseille said...

that's what you can spend your bonus on!

Unknown said...

Great post, Nat. I love things that aren't necessarily me...more often than not, in my misplaced youth, I'd buy them and realize my error later.

I read a review on this book and think I know what you mean...ick. Shame, coming from the author of Time Traveler's Wife.