Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm a Winner After all.

Do you remember the contest where I begged all of you to submit a comment saying that I sent you? You remember....the one that I bugged you about through my blog, e-mail, and Facebook for a week? The one where I was trying to win this-
"Farm Morning" from Backroads Photography
(Check out the website to see it and other amazing prints. You'll be glad you did.)

Yeah, that's the one!

Well, I lost.

Sort of.

Because this afternoon I was doorbell ditched. This was a different type of doorbell ditching because when I opened the door I found this package laying on the porch.

Inside of it was the very print I had been trying to win; a wonderful surprise delivered by a mysterious friend.

So I am a winner afterall; not because I now own the print I coveted, but because of the thoughtfulness and generosity of a friend.


Corine Moore said...


PS. I like the signs that you posted at the race. That must have been such fun! :D Way to go!!!!

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Congratulations Natalie!

Rachel said...

Very cool! Someone who is as cool as that....I'd adopt and call family! ;)

Huffstuff said...

Way nice! I love that picture too. How lucky for you and how nice of that doorbell ditcher!

Unknown said...

Oh, that is so awesome. What a great pal.