Monday, January 12, 2009

Changing of the Guard (I mean rooms)

This weekend we did some rearranging at our house.

Before Emma was born, Dallin and Ashton shared a room and Ben had his own. After her arrival, Ben shared his room with Emma. We decided that it probably wasn't good for him to share a room with a girl after some funny remarks he made such as "I'm a girl, in a boy costume." Um No, gotta nip that one pretty fast! So it seemed logical that all the boys could share a room, so we bought a new twin over full bunk bed for them, painted the room and put up Jazz Fatheads (Vinyl stickers). It looked good- very boyish. And for Emma's 1st Birthday we painted a pink feature wall and "girlified" her room in pink and brown. We were set.... or so we thought.

Ben and Dallin didn't like the idea of sharing a bed, so in October, Ben took up residence in the playroom sleeping on the couch. It worked and we thought it was just a phase he would grow out of , until Richard asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him. Ben Replied "A bed." Richard asked, "Don't you want any toys?" "No, just my own bed." Oh, how bad we felt. What bad parents we were! Santa did bring Ben a tent and a blow up bed. But after some discussion we decided this was not good enough.

Ben is the third child and will probably have enough problems without feeling like he doesn't have a place in our home or that he isn't important enough to have a place of his own like the rest of the kids. So our Office/Guestroom has now become Ashton's room and Dallin has claimed the honor of the top bunk (and ruler of the room he says) and Benjamin now has his very own double sized bottom bunk. It is a good thing it is a double size because he still fits even after he gets all the stuffys he likes to sleep with in it.

This morning I woke up next to Richard! No, children filtered in during the night kicking him out onto the couch. And I found everyone in their own BEDS, not couch, not floor, just like they should be. Miracles do happen because that is something that hasn't happened in a LONG time.

Dallin Ruling the Roost from the top bunk.
Ashton enjoying the solitude of his own room.

Mr. Ben fast asleep in his own bed.I'm sure it will be a while before we are all settled. We still need a dresser and a bookcase so everyone's clothes and stuff can be organized and put away. Plus, we need to figure out where to put the workout equipment, since that room is becoming the new office/guestroom. But until then here's hoping to many more happy sleeps!


The Nixons said...

That's great! I'm glad that you got things figured out... I'm still trying to get Averie to sleep in her own bed!

Chastina said...

Hurray! I'm glad to hear that the room situation is working out!

Rachel said...

We have the opposite problem. Everyone has their own beds but they all want to sleep with each other. We wonder why we bought them all beds in the first place?

Alisa said...

Oh, the joy of musical bedrooms! We've done that so many times. When we built our new house, we went back and forth so many times trying to figure out who should be where. We're still not satisfied we did the right thing in putting Brooklyn and Makenna in a queen size together. Yesterday morning, I went into their room to get them up for school only to find that they had switched places during the night and Brooklyn had her upper arm slung across Makenna's face. How can anyone sleep through that? Anyway, their room also has the smallest vanity and closet, yet that's the room that the bigger bed fit in. You can't win! When guests come, we usually kick Oakley and Dakota out of each of their rooms so the company has a place to sleep. The kids are used to it, but one day, they won't be so "portable". Good luck with the new situation!