Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sun & Warmth

After the most recent snowfall I was out shoveling snow, mainly because I was so tired of having to gun it to get out of my driveway and so the poor mailman could get to the box. As I heaved each shovel of snow, I craved the warmth of sun and brightness that milder weather brings. I kept thinking of the pictures my sister-in-law had posted of her and my brothers most recent trip to Maui. I was daydreaming of soft warm sand and the suns hot beams caressing my face. That was until, with each shovel full of wet heavy snow, just enough would blow back into my face awaking me from my daydreams and reminding me that old man winter upon us and just may stay awhile if that darned groundhog sees his shadow on Monday!
Then last night I received a email from a friend and in it she said,"Heck, it's January we all feel blah!" I felt like screaming AMEN!!! I think January is a hard month. The newness of snow is long gone. Christmas is over and you have post holiday let down. New years is over and if you are like me, you are usually failing on your resolutions. So you just have cold snowiness left. I was so blessed to be born in this month. Lucky me!

So I came to the conclusion that we all just need some sun! So Father in Heaven obliged and gave me a sunny day today. But about half way through I thought the sun is just not cutting it. You know me- never happy. Always asking for more. I determined the sun was great, but the warmth was missing.
So since I know the warmth will not be coming as soon as I would like it to, I thought I would share with you some sun (through my sister-in-law's pictures of Maui) interspersed with my top 10 reasons I am anxious for sun & warmth.

Sorry, you'll have to provide your own warmth, so scoot closer to the fire, sit on your heat vent, or cuddle closer to a loved one!
#1- Melons are in season. I'm tired of eating apples and oranges!
#2- The kids can go out and play. And the house can stay cleaner longer than 5 minutes!
#3- Socializing. I love hanging out with my neighbors while we watch the kids play.
#4- I can go out and walk around the neighborhood for exercise without the risk of slipping on ice and falling on my heinie. (Especially since our exercise equipment has disappeared in pieces into the oblivion we call the garage.)
#5- Three letters, B B Q!!! I don't care what anyone says any meat tastes better grilled.
#6- Getting rid of white, pasty skin. Even 20 extra lbs look better with a hint of color.
#7- Not having to get up and rush kids off to school!
#8- A change in wardrobe. I must need some new winter items cause I'm getting very tired of my sweaters and sweatshirts, and I LOVE sweaters & sweatshirts.
#9- Vacation!!! And hoping not to have to share my husband with work!
#10- The smell of freshly cut grass and working in the yard with Richard.


Chastina said...

The month would be better if we would get some snow and the inversion would stay away.

We like January birthdays, it helps with the January grays. :D

Huffstuff said...

Amen. Yes the trip was wonderful and a must for anyone in the month of January. But I do admit comming home is harder when you know that the sun is shinning somewhere warm and there is no dirty snow on the ground. I hope winter ends soon. One more month. My invite to Lava anytime still stands, and it will warm your core!

Rachel said...

Oh I agree 100%. With all ten reasons. Funny, I feel the same about a tan. Cottage cheese looks better in chocolate sauce. :D

Carrilyne said...

You ARE thinking exactly what I am thinking! I hate winter after the holidays. I loved the smurfette post too. It had me laughing out loud!

Ty n Casey's Mom said...

I hear ya on the rushing the kids off to school one! I officially hate being a mother of school-age children. I think I look forward to their days off school more than they do -- boy am I a wimp. Thanks for your cute thoughts on warmth! I can't wait for spring!!!

pbwestbroek said...

Natalie, You are so cute and have such a beautiful way with words. I agree with you totaly. I love your blog.