Saturday, January 3, 2009

Communication Cutie

Emma has been slow to talk. Yes, she is only 15 months old, but she's advanced in everything right!?! (Doesn't every mom think that.) She jabbers a lot and makes it known when she is unhappy with things, but has yet to say any real words...until we started putting up our Christmas decorations.

While I was pulling things out of the totes, whenever I came across something with Santa on it I would show it to Emma and say, "HO HO HO." The next morning, as I was carrying her out to take the boys to school, she pointed to the "MERRY CHRISTMAS" plaque on the door that has picture of Santa Clause on it, and said, "HO HO!" The boys stopped in their tracks, turned around and we all made a big fuss over her, that she was very pleased with herself and continued to say it throughout the season.

Maybe she is a smart and advanced child afterall, since she knew exactly who to "butter up" during the month of December!

It was also about this same time that she started to answer our questions by shaking or nodding her head. It is amazing how much they understand before they can actually talk! The cutest thing about it, is that her her whole body moves when she does it.


The Nixons said...

so cute! It's always fun when they start communicating with you.

Chastina said...

How cute! I might have to bring over a Santa picture so I can hear her say it. ;D I think the younger siblings take longer because the older siblings talk for them.

My frustration with communication with my kids led me to use some VERY basic sign language (Yes, No, More, All done, Please, Thank you, drink, food). That helped so I could understand K a little better before he started talking.

Alisa said...

I agree with Chastina. The younger ones always talk later, especially when when they have three older ones doing all the talking for them or getting them whatever they want when she points.

But, once they get out! You'll see all the processing come to life that has been going on inside their bright heads.

Rachel said...

How delightful! Yes, she's a smartie. She knows who to "sweet talk".

Jadon is four and still doesn't talk a whole lot. Not with so many older siblings talking for him. We've been working on him using "words" instead of whining, grunting, pointing, etc. Before Christmas he was talking to me and I nodded my head and said, "uh huh". He looked at me and said, "use words mamma!"