Monday, January 12, 2009

Girls at Lunch

This weekend I was lucky enough to have lunch with 2 of my oldest friends, Tresa & Trisha! Just to clarify, oldest means, having been my friends for a long time! Since I am in Provo and Trisha lives in Syracuse, we met in the middle, in SLC where Tresa lives. We ate at Chili's and had a great time catching up, talking about old times and people we knew. It's nice to have remained such good friends for so long. Friends who seem to know everything about you and that have laughed and cried with you over the years. I'm sure there will be more tears, since Tresa will be moving to Nebraska this Spring so her husband can continue with dental school. Guess, that means we will just have to have more lunches before she leaves and when she comes back to visit!
My Bridesmaids & Best Friends
From L to R- Tresa, Shawny, Me, and Trisha (Not shown, at least not that well, are Trisha and Tresa's baby bumps, Taylor and Tyler.) You know that they are true friends, when they will stand in your wedding line when they are both 8 months pregnant!
The girls at my wedding including my sister in law and Maid of Honor, Shaleece.
I wish I would have remembered and got a picture of us at lunch so we had a "now" picture

Man, am I short or is their hair just really big?!?!


Huffstuff said...

Boy how we all change. It doesn't seem like that long ago but when you look at these photos, Holy Cow.

Carrilyne said...

That looks like so much fun! I love your wedding pics!

Ty n Casey's Mom said...

I love seeing wedding pictures. I think everyone should post some on their blog. Isn't it great to have awesome girlfriends?!!