Sunday, February 8, 2009


Ashton and I share the month of January for our Birthdays. Here's a rundown on the celebrations!!!

We don't have birthday parties every year. There's too much chaos, not to mention too much money spent. So this year since we had gotten Ashton a Nintendo DS that I won on e-bay in perfect condition for $81 without shipping, we forfeited the party. Instead he invited his friend Wade, over on Friday night for an evening of pizza, cupcake decorating, yelling, running, movie watching, shooting, more yelling, jumping, riding the old crib mattress down the stairs and did I mention yelling?!? It was a wonder I could think half way straight by the end of the night! But they had a great time.

Can you tell he got what he wanted? Too bad it was about 9:00 Saturday night and Mom and Dad were too cheap to buy a game for it, so he had to wait until Monday afternoon to go buy a game and try it out. Thanks to Pop Marlin & Gma Jeanne and Aunt Shaleece & Uncle Dan & their kids for the cash he used to buy it with!

I made his cake this year. He and his friends at school have made up this whole world of Mushroom Men. They have everything figured out right down to the smallest detail. He even started a blog about it. So when he asked for a Mushroom Men cake with General Orange (the character he plays) on it this year I didn't think that was something I could ask Wal-mart to do.

Since Richard missed the party on Friday night, because he was camping out in snow caves with the Young Men, we had a family celebration on Saturday, Ashton's actual birthday. Ashton chose to eat at Chuck-a-rama and then to go see Madagascar 2. We had a great time celebrating #10!

Other gifts- LOTR & Super Monkeyball Gamecube games, Utah Jazz shirt, and the "Superfudge" series of books. Spoiled Rotten.
For my special day Richard asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner I told him I wanted Olive Garden's salad, bread sticks and Alfredo sauce or Hawaiian Haystacks. I got Lasagna, but I didn't have to fix it! Yeah, the best birthday present a mom could get.
My cake- a Pepperidge Farms Coconut cake, YUMMY!

My loot! Complete with cash for lunch out with the girls, a Jazz shirt to wear to the game we are going to in a few weeks, the book Peacegiver (a must read) and my favorite- Red Vines!


Chastina said...

What a fun month!

Carrilyne said...

Natalie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I'm a rotten friend because I didn't even text you happy bday on your day. But it's not just you, I 'm forgetting everything right now! NExt year I will be so on top of the bday! Ashton looks way happy about the DS!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday all of you. Ashton's cake is darling! I tried making cakes...Brian has asked me to stop and let the "Marts"....