Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Recital

Many of you know I started taking piano lessons last June. I had taken lessons when I was younger, but quit after I broke my arm. When I got married and we moved to Cedar City my parents gave me the piano, hoping I would be able to take lessons again. I didn't. Which was really dumb of me, since the majority of the time I lived there, I only had one child and my best friend taught piano lessons. In my defense I did finish Nursing school and tend children. When we moved to Canada the piano took up residence in my brother's unfinished basement, just waiting patiently.
I have always admired those who play so effortlessly and wanted to get back to learning the piano. So the piano came with us to Provo, but our furniture was too bulky for it to fit anywhere in the house. So it sat in the garage. Until last January when we purchased a new sofa and we were finally able to get it in the living room.

But my dilemma still remained of trying to find a teacher. Of course, cost, time, and what do I do with my children during my lessons were the biggest factors. Well, my prayers were answered when I came home one Saturday and found a flyer on my door about piano lessons being given by Nathan Giles. I was so excited. He lives just around the corner so I knew I would only be gone for half an hour (Ashton can watch the kids for that long) and he only charged $32 per month, not the $100's I had heard about elsewhere. So I signed up. And Nathan being the good guy he is, said that when Richard wasn't able to watch the kids he would come to my house to give the lesson, so I wouldn't have to leave the kids. How do you beat that!?!
Even my teacher, Nathan performed for us at the recital.
I have really enjoyed it and have been amazed at how much more I understand now as an adult. It is my little escape to go practice when I get stressed. Which is probably the reason I'm not very good and can't seem to concentrate worth a darn! Not to mention that I have all these little fingers who like to put "grace notes" into my songs!Me with my best "grace note" placer.

Anyway, December 19th was our Christmas Recital and my piece was "O Little Town of Bethlehem". Let me tell you, I practiced, but when I get in front of people there is a big disconnect between my hands and head! That will explain my big mess up. Pretty embarrassing when you are the only adult playing at the recital and the kids do better than you.


Chastina said...

I think you did a great job! I don't remember your "mess up"

Rachel said...

Oh Natalie that is awesome! Several years ago I took lessons as well and was one of the only adults performing in the recital. Marci has proof on her camera. She said even far away on camera she could see my hands shaking so bad! :D

That is really cool that Nathan is teaching. I didn't know that nor did I know you were taking lessons. Good for you!

Huffstuff said...

I am so impressed with how you do all that you do and also have time to do something for yourself. You did a great job.

Linda said...

Natalie we want to see a picture of Emma's new room.